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At the Great North Carnation Society we concentrate on three types of Dianthus which are Pinks, Border Carnations and Perpetual Flowering Carnations.  There are others such as Malmaisons, Spray Carnations and Alpine Dianthus.  If we start with Pinks these are the smallest blooms and can be very dainty, pinks usually have a strong scent especially the older varieties as the photos show the range is very extensive.  There are singles, doubles, laced, bicolour, selfs and fancies all in a myriad of colours and variations.

Border Carnations are larger than Pinks and also can be a very dainty bloom these come in selfs, fancies and picotees   Selfs are a single colour, fancies come in a variety of variations the two most popular being white ground and yellow ground which means the main colour is white or yellow with one or more other colours present in the form of flecks, stripes, edging or all three.

Perpetuals are the largest blooms, there are not so many scented varieties They are very striking blooms in a large list of colours from selfs through to fancies.  Perpetuals need to be grown under cover most use the greenhouse but some growers have just as good results in polytunnels.  They can be grown to flower year round but  a minimum temperature of 45F or 8C must be maintained.

Malmaisons to look at are very different to what we would say a carnation looks like.


There is are selections of each genus below, there is a much larger selection in our Photo Gallery



PINK DSCF0059[1]


IMG_0162 M Duchess of Westminster DSCN3022[1] M Old BlushDSCN3001[1]




If you have liked what you have seen on this site and wanted to also have a go at growing them, then what are you waiting for?  View our membership page for details on how to join our society.

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There is a short video on PF carnation propagation on the 'Tips for Novices' page

Please send us your comments on what you see if results are positive we intend to do more of these 'shorts' to help members.

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