The Great North Carnation Society

Affiliated to the BNCS

Growing Pinks, Border Carnations and Perpetual Flowering Carnations

Plant Orders
We have emailed all those who have supplied an email address with the following message:-
"I have received your order we have just started rooting cuttings so it will be a while before we can start despatching plants, sorry I can't give a more definite date."
This also applies to the rest of those who have sent in orders
We have had several more orders since I put this up my apologies if you have not yety been contacted. The list has been hugely oversubscribed for the PF's it may mean reducing the size of the collections, there is no need to make a decision yet as we are still receiving donations.

We are still short of pinks cuttings so if anyone can help please contact me.

Starting on the Member's page a monthly update on HOW I GROW CARNATIONS

Digital Newsletter
We did not get as many replies for this request as I had hoped, by agreeing to this it does not mean you can't have a hard copy we will still print enough for all members. You will still be able to pick one up at one of the meetings after it is issued.

We have been approached by many members to produce a third DVD, the subject to be Staging and exhibiting we have agreed to this so if there is anything you would like covered please email either Keith, Fay or myself. We can't promise to include everything suggested but will do our best