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Hartlepool Horticultural Show 2016

What a wonderful floriferous delight waited for anyone who visited the Hartlepool Horticultural Show at this year’s new venue at the Town Hall Theatre. Packed to the rafters with flowers of all description and not to be outdone there were also some excellent vegetables, what a show!!
Tom Hammond and his team deserve all the accolades for putting on such a feast of Horticultural proportions, can never be easy organising so many classes and with having to also contend with a new venue must have led to some sleepiness nights, so it’s great that such a show is well supported. Any fears regarding the new venue were soon dispersed, parking which many thought would be a problem turned out to be perfect, right outside the venue space had been allocated and every whim was catered for by Tom and his team, excellent Tom and many thanks for all your help and assistance and I am sure this will become even bigger next year when word gets around.