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Growing Pinks, Border Carnations and Perpetual Flowering Carnations

July Around the Shows 2014

There have been some wonderful blooms and stems on show; I have been particularly impressed with some of the new Pinks from Tony Derricks stable with the Anders prefix.
A really stunning white self Anders Virtue stood out and I am sure this one will be very popular, it had the lot, form, lots of back buds and a good stem it’s definitely a winner.
Some of the other Anders that I noted and have seen for the first time are; Anders Stretford End, Anders Angela Bock, Anders Poppet, and Welton Aura which I saw for the first time.

Not many new Perpetuals, the only one that I did admire was Paul Harmers new seedling named Annie Harmer. It will fit in very well with Any Other Fancy Class and I have to say that it stood head and shoulders above some of the commercial cultivars.

Not many new Border’s were on show, I did like the new Border Chesswood Wye Collar from Doug Cottam as it was certainly different.
I have a few seedlings this year and probably the best of them is a White Ground Fancy with a strong clove scent.
The John Wood sport did remain the same after last year sporting and has enough change to warrant growing on.

layers (2)
Basal growth

 Make sure the Mother plant was well watered 24 hours beforehand as this will ensure that the shoots are turgid, dry plants rarely give cuttings that root. I use a sharp knife and cut just below a node and then dip just the very end of the cutting in rooting hormone powder, then insert the cutting into rooting medium of your choice, just deep enough so that the cutting stands up. Place a label alongside with the date on. Gently water the cuttings in and place the container out of direct sunlight. Check on them occasionally and spray/mist with tepid water to keep a moist atmosphere.