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Keith's Garden

Above, Keith only now grows Border Carnation's, his poly-tunnel is bursting with plants and by the look of some of the plants Keith will have plenty of blooms for our shows.


Keith does not dis-bud all of the sidebuds as this leaves him with the option of promoting another bud to crown if he feels they will flower to early for the shows. Urpeth Diane Hammerton being one that has flowered early.(Bloom inset)

Keith makes sure that all growth is tied up and out of the way of being damaged which can always happen when pots are being moved around, all attention is given to this growth as these will be next years plants. Any plants showing good strong stems are marked out with a red label and then added comments with another red label if the bloom is one that is of good quality.

IMG_2478 IMG_2466 IMG_2468 IMG_2471 IMG_2413 IMG_2479 IMG_2487 IMG_2489 IMG_2492 IMG_2403 IMG_2486 IMG_2474

Just some of the blooms that have flowered early, hopefully it should be a good year for Border Carnations