The Great North Carnation Society

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Growing Pinks, Border Carnations and Perpetual Flowering Carnations

Below Perpetual Carnations

These have been stopped and like Pinks they have been stopped via breaking the central stem and also like the Pinks patience is needed because if you do not take out the central growth neatly then it will begin to grow again. If at all possible you can try and just take out the very central growing tips, do not just use scissors to cut across as the stem will grow again as shown.
I have not started to pot the P/FS into their finals yet but when I do so they will all go one per 3 litre pot, compost once again needs to be an open porous mix and I find added Perlite assists. It is also advisable to add some form of feed such as Vitax to help sustain the plants growth through the season. Canes and supports will be needed to help the plants growth but I will explain about this next month.