The Great North Carnation Society

Affiliated to the BNCS

Growing Pinks, Border Carnations and Perpetual Flowering Carnations


With this recent mild weather the Border Carnations have continued making good growth to such the extent that some of the ones that were taken as square pot cuttings will need moving into finals, its hoped that they will all go into four litre pots, I have lost the odd one which can happen and so these will go into the three litre pots but I want to utilise four litre pots as much as possible for all of my Borders for next year, this I hope will help with my watering regime but if you are just starting off with Borders I would suggest using a two litre pot for each plant; it will make the learning of watering so much easier for what each plant requires and of course if any plant does succumb to any problems then it’s easier to remove and only one plant may be lost. First sign that they have rooted well and may need potting on is the sign of white roots poking through the drainage holes at the bottom of the pot.


All borders should now be in their final pots and growing apace. Canes should be in place and it will be a daily job to make sure the stems are tied to the canes just above the nodes, leave the top part of the stem where the buds are so that the stem can strengthen otherwise the plant may feel it’s not necessary to do so, the idea is to keep the stems straight but also allowing the plant to strengthen and try to allow space between cane and stem. I now use twist ties which are quite reasonable in cost but sweet pea rings are advantageous and please remember not to reach over the top of plants to get to that one at the back as the stems can easily break, far better periodically to move the plants for inspection, pests being one of the problems at this time of the year especially Aphids as seen on the far right photo.
Perpetuals will also need some form of rings to help with the stems as these can easily snap at the base when they become elongated. Plastic hoops are a great assistance in helping keep the plants within the pots limits and also assist in the stems growing straight, once they start to grow apace then rings will be needed to help the stems.